Jerry M. Lewis, M.D., Mental Health Research Foundation
Below are links to Media Reports and articles regarding research
and/or programs that have been funded by the Jerry M. Lewis, M.D. Mental Health Research Foundation.
Characteristics of Mother - Child Conflict and Child Sex Predicting Resolution. J.A. Nelson, et al
Illness Perceptions Matter: Understanding Quality of Life and Advanced Illness Behaviors in Female Patients with Late-Stage Cancer. A. Croom, Ph.D.
Interpersonal coping styles and couple relationship quality:

Similarity versus complementary hypotheses. Chong Man Chow, et al


Mutual Influences in Adult Romantic Attachment, Religious Coping, and Marital Adjustment. S.E. Pollard, S.A. Riggs, J.N. Hook


Attachment and Family Processes in Children's Psychological Adjustment in Middle Childhood. K.P. Demby, S.A. Riggs, P.L. Kaminski


Impact of HIPPY on home learning environments of Latino families.

M.A. Nievar, A. Jacobson, Q. Chen, U. Johnson, S. Dier