Jerry M. Lewis, M.D. Mental Health Research Foundation
Research Project Application Outline
  1. Statement of purpose of the project.
  2. Background and brief literature review.
  3. Method: subjects, procedures, design, statistical approaches.
  4. Human rights, ethical considerations, informed consent; notice of IRB approval*.
  5. Time frame from beginning through major steps to completion.
  6. Relationship to the areas of primary interest of Lewis Foundation.
  7. Scientific importance of the project.
  8. Practical or applied importance of the project: who stands to benefit, and how.
  9. Detailed project budget; indicate clearly what is being requested from Lewis Foundation and all additional funding for this project that will be needed or applied for from other sources. Please identify those sources and the amounts to be applied for, or that have been pledged or received. Express salary figures in terms of hourly rate and number of hours over the course of the project. A clear explanation for each budget item is required.
  10. Copy of any proposed paper and pencil measures and a list of validity and reliability references for each instrument.
  11. Plan for dissemination of results.
  12. Description of applicant’s institution or agency and verification of “public charity” status in the form of an IRS determination letter.
  13. Identification of at least two individuals responsible for the project who may be contacted for further discussion; include brief CVs or resumes.
* Grant applicants from institutions that have an Institutional Review Board must provide notice of their IRB’s approval of the grant application project and a copy of the consent form to be used. Applicants who do not have an IRB should request a copy of our “IRB Sample Guidelines.”