Jerry M. Lewis, M.D. Mental Health Research Foundation
Formerly Timberlawn Psychiatric Research Foundation
         6301 Gaston Avenue, Ste. 620                                                          214.388.0451
         Dallas, Texas 75214                                                               FAX    214.381.1377                           
Jerry M. Lewis, M.D. Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to research and education. The primary area of emphasis is on the role of interpersonal relationships in psychological development along the continuum from mental health to mental illness.
       Member of the Center for Non-Profit Management
                                    1994 - Present
The Lewis Foundationís Couple and Family Evaluation Scales (Lewis Scales) are now available. The Lewis Scales are a complete revision, updating, and streamlining of the highly regarded Timberlawn Foundation Couple and Family Evaluation Scales (TCFES). This revision was influenced by advances in couple and family therapy, research, and practice over the 20 years since the TCFES was developed. The Lewis Scales package includes the 11-page Scales booklet, one-page Scoring Summary form and the 119-page Rater Training Guide which provides detailed, user-friendly guidelines for clinicians, researchers, and couples interested in self-improvement.

Download our order form under Available Forms. For more information contact us at, 214-388-0451, or write to: Carlos W. Davis, Jr., Ph.D., Director, Lewis Foundation, 6301 Gaston Ave., Suite 620, Dallas, Texas 75214.
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